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Serge Pattyn

Serge Pattyn started his career at KBC Bank as a Credit Analyst and Corporate Finance expert. In the mid nineties, he joined KBC’s newly established Project Finance team, with exposure to international finance. In 1998 he was offered to join KBC’s equity house - KBC Securities - as a Sell-side Analyst.

Following a short mission with Delta Lloyd Securities. Serge started as an independent Financial Consultant in 2007.

Serge has always been active in the field of financial analysis, financial management and related domains (such as e.g. company valuation).

He is among others a member of the Belgian Association of Financial Analysts (ABAF/BVFA) and member of the Accounting Commission of EFFAS. He is also a much-asked speaker at conferences and seminars on financial analysis, accounting and financial management. He teaches amongst others for the ABAF/BVFA (“Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis”), Kluwer Opleidingen (“Credit Management”), KHBO (“Working Capital management”) and KMO Campus (“Professional Credit Application” and “Balance Sheet Analysis”). He also writes on bookkeeping, accounting and IFRS, for Kluwer Rechtswetenschappen and Teleseminar among others.